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What Is the Meaning of Human Life

Author Dr.Vladimir Antonov
Translated by Dr.Mikhail Nikolenko

The question of the meaning of life gets inevitably raised before any person who matures in his or her development, moving up from the instinctive-reflexive stage to the really human one, at which the intellect begins to dominate in choosing one’s way of living and conduct.

Many philosophers racked their brains over this question. But the majority of them were not able to comprehend the true God’s philosophy, while perverted conceptions created by numerous sects could not satisfy them. As a result the question about the meaning of human life was “declared” by many philosophers to be a “pseudo-question”, i.e. the one that cannot be answered by its own nature. This atheistic concept assumed, in fact, that man is not dramatically different from animals and the objective meaning of man’s existence on the Earth is just… reproduction, ensuring the survival of the human race and creation of material values for the descendants. Therefore no spiritual efforts are necessary, and ethics in relationships with other living beings can be neglected…

“What’s our life? — A game… Good, evil — only dreams… Work, honesty — just tales for the females…”* And suicide “when the time comes” is the only right move for those worthy of respect…

But the truth is that there is a meaning of human life.

It consists in development of the consciousness: both qualitative and quantitative.

Qualitative development consists in intellectual and ethical self-perfecting, as well as in refining of the consciousness. The quantitative aspect implies a direct increase of the amount of the refined energy of the consciousness.

The latter reflects, among other things, the level of so-called personal power — the psychoenergetic might of an individual consciousness that depends on the quantity of its energy, or in other words on the size of the soul.

According to this quantitative criterion, God classifies souls into “small” and “large” ones [7]. But regardless of this classification, each of them can possess both positive and negative properties. God calls “small” souls that have developed negative properties demoniac ones; if in addition to this they have accumulated a significant amount of personal power they are considered diabolic, or devils. They can be encountered either in embodied or non-embodied form. Their abode is hell while they are in the non-embodied state. When they get incarnated, this takes place in “hellish” conditions, where they will be experiencing the results of their bad karma (the fate they created for themselves). In this way God suggests that they experience what the pain, which they were causing to other living beings, is like. He does this in order to help them to become better, to urge them to think about their ways, about the meaning of human life, about God and the Path to Him…

But those developing in the right direction rush into the embrace of their beloved Creator; their lives become filled more and more with Divine happiness and exultation of Divine Love.