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God — and Us

Author Dr.Vladimir Antonov
Translated by Dr.Mikhail Nikolenko

God is not at all an invisible flying person, as some primitive religious sects depict Him. God is a Universal Ocean of Consciousness. What size is He? Can we imagine the distance of one light year? This is an astronomical space measure equal to the distance that light covers in one year in earthly time measures. Astronomers discovered cosmic objects located at a distance of billions of light years. But God is still larger, for the universe is infinite. He is INFINITELY LARGE!

However large we consider our planet to be, when we walk, tired, across its surface or fly around it, the Earth is negligibly small compared to the Greatness of the Ocean of the Creator’s Consciousness.

The Earth is just one of the countless islets of matter created by Him within the Ocean. Here on the Earth, as on many other planets in the universe, the conditions, favorable for life and evolution of organic bodies, developed. It is in the bodies of plants, animals, and humans that the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness takes place. Every one of us, people, is a lump of energy of consciousness, which has gone through the stages of its evolution that took place in the bodies of plants and animals and at the present human stage has to make vigorous efforts on self-development.

We have to try hard to become worthy and capable of “plunging” into the Abode of the Creator and merging with Him. Then we will attain the ultimate Peace in the Supreme Bliss of Eternal Oneness with Him, the Bliss of being Him.

He has been reminding us about this goal over and over again by incarnating Parts of Himself into human bodies. But the majority of people have always been unable to comprehend this Truth and to keep it in memory. They always tend to forget about, distort, and pervert the Teachings of God that He grants to us. This is how various religious sects emerge [9].

… The lifetime of each planet — of that “islet” of matter in the infinite Ocean of God — is limited to a certain period of time. When this period ends, the “islet” comes to its end of the world. Those consciousnesses (souls) that failed to reach Mergence with God get destroyed, disintegrated. But those who have attained the state of Mergence enrich Him with themselves; thus they completely realize the meaning of their lives and their love for God in Mergence with Him.