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Meaning of Life

What is the meaning of human life?

This is not at all a pseudo-question, that is, the question to which there is no answer, as it was claimed by some materialistic philosophers!

No, there is a complete answer to this question — an answer from the standpoint of the modern biological science, the science about LIFE.

In order to understand it, one has to understand first the essence of the Evolution of consciousness.

The Evolution of the Universal Consciousness goes on by means of incarnation of particles of Its Energy into material bodies and through further development of these particles in the bodies.

The process of growth of every such energy particle begins on lattices of minerals and then proceeds sequentially in vegetal, animal, and human bodies.

At the human stage of development — after many successful incarnations into human bodies — every such energy unit (unit of consciousness, soul), which represents a "lump" of self-aware and intelligent energy, receives an opportunity to merge with the Creator and thus to enrich Him with itself.

Therefore, the meaning of human life consists in conscious development of oneself (as a consciousness, soul) in the qualitative and quantitative aspects, with the goal of attaining Divinity and merging with the Creator.